Dressing, loading, and reading vigil candles

Doing workings with Novena candles, also called vigil candles is something that is very commonplace in witchcraft. A novena is a set of spells, prayers, incantations, etc that is done over the period of 5 to 9 days while the vigil candle burns down. We have found that the amount of time a candle takes to burn is directly related to the ingredients used in dressing and loading, and the amount of energy put into the wax itself during the main ritual.

The vigil candle is typically loaded with herbs, curios, and oils, and ensorcelled in a formal ritual to make it efficacious for a specific goal. One would then either extinguish it every day, then relight it with new prayers each successive day, or let it burn all the way through while reciting new prayers and petitions each day. Some traditions simply do one battery of prayers during the initial formal ritual, then present a petition to the invoked spirit, burn the petition, then light the candle as a way to guide the spell into the physical world to manifest. Whether you are dressing, loading, or simply carving a candle or spelling it, the methods below should be of some help. There are dozens, probably even hundreds of ways to do a candle spell, that is however beyond the scope of a single blog, so we have given some instructions below for the simple basics of dressing and loading a novena, and reading it once it has finished its burn.

Note that these are not required for you to use in a candle magick working, however, they do add a personal touch and extra power to your workings, especially when combined with the correct correspondences of herbs, oils, oleums, curios, or magickal artifacts. Loading or dressing novena candles takes practice, so don’t feel discouraged if your candle doesn’t burn perfectly the first time. Also take this into account with your final reading, if you have added things it WILL burn differently thus possibly changing the end reading from the suggested meanings below, use your personal intuition on these matters.

Novena Candle Loading:

Traditionally you would load a Candle by carving a hole in the bottom of it, then load it with herbs, oils, curios, or magickal artifacts that match your intention, and then you would seal it back up. However because Novena Candles are poured in a glass jar, it is impossible to load them this way without damaging the glass. To load Novena Candles carve a hole down the side of the Candle close to the glass, not in the middle so as not to suffocate the wick, and load it. Once you’ve added your corresponding ingredients use some of the removed wax to pack the remaining space and seal the hole. Doing this will affect your readings after as it WILL change the way the candle burns, use your intuition accordingly. We recommend using a drill, or a heated poker to melt down.

Novena Candle Dressing:

If you don’t want to risk damaging the candle or causing it to not burn all the way through, you can sprinkle some herbs on top or use an Oil specific to your intention and coat the top of the Candle with it. If you choose to do this, make sure to not suffocate the wick. Obviously, the more herbs or oil you use the more it will affect the overall burn, so this may take some practice to get the proper amounts.

Reading The Outcome of your Novenas:

The following are a few signs that you may notice and what many people generally interpret them to mean. But you should also go by what your intuition tells you:

•Clean Burn• – Successful outcome and goals achieved.

•Black Soot• – Negative influences and obstacles.

•Black Soot At The Top• – Any negative influences have been removed.

•Black Soot Through Entire Candle• – Your work is blocked and not strong enough to remove obstacles.

•Black Soot At The Bottom• – Negativity is being sent to you.

•White Soot• – Spiritual communication, purification, and cleansing.

•White Soot At The Top• – Successful cleansing.

•White Soot Through Entire Candle• – Need for further cleansing and spiritual work.

•White Soot At The Bottom• – Help from outside forces.

•Black And White Soot• – One aspect overriding the other.

•Black Soot On Top, White Soot on Bottom• – Negativity has been removed.

•White Soot On Top, Black Soot On Bottom• – Energy is fighting your goal.

•The Glass Cracks• – Obstacles have been broken.

•The Glass Breaks Or Shatters• – You’re up against something stronger than yourself.

•Wax Left On The Sides• – Personal problems are preventing the Spell’s success.

•Wax Left At The Bottom• – The Spell won’t be able to manifest your complete goal.

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