What is Drycraft?

Derived from old english drycræft

Definition: One who practices magick. Drycraft predates the use of the word wiccecræft, the word that became the modern “witchcraft”, and was lost to time. It is the word that never was, and the word that now rises from the ashes of antiquity like the great phoenix.

The word wiccecræft became the common word used to denote those who practised what was known as Magique at the time. Magique is a French word meaning Magic, and a practitioner of Magic was called a practitioner of wiccecræft. The French word eventually overtook the old English word and became commonplace. Now the biggest difference was that a drycræft practitioner was a practitioner of magic who did not have a religious or dogmatic approach to their practice, whereas a practitioner of wiccecræft and magique did.

Separating magick is an antiquated practice. With magick there is no right hand or left-hand path, magick simply is. To be truly proficient in magick one should learn all aspects of magick. This current will be for those who walk their own path and forge their own will upon the world, it is not for those who are stuck in the paradigm of paths being good or bad, of this god or that. It is very much an embodiment of the idea that nothing is real, and everything is permitted. This current is an idea, nothing more, and nothing less. Ideas can change and flow. Ideas can never be destroyed. Ideas can alter perceptions, and change reality. Let go of your beliefs and become like water, change, move, flow, and become the current. We are ushering in a new age of magickal practice. We are the order of the Dryi.

In this modern time, I believe we are ready for Drycraft to come back from the dead, a world where we see the right-hand path and left-hand path as essential sides of one complete path. A Dryi as I have come to call us is someone who practices magick free of dogma, religion, and rules. While one can theoretically have a religion or belief system AND practice magick, the Dryi seek to see magick as something free of religion, meaning that anyone and everyone can practice ALL magickal paths, no matter their belief system. This may be seen as a more chaotic approach than the practices of the past, and it is meant to be. The Dryi see all paths as valid, and all magick as practical and useful. If you feel this way, then you may have found the new current which you may walk.

Witness here the rise of the Dryi.

– Azariel Flame

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