Spell to activate an amulet for protection purposes.

Use the below incantation to charge and consecrate an amulet of protection. Best done during the day and hour of Mars. You can use this on any protective stone such as black tourmaline, onyx, shungite, or jet. It can be used on any jewelry you want to make an amulet. It can be used on any item you wish to turn into a ward for your home or business. The sky is the limit, let your imagination be your guide!

By Earth, the strength of stone,
By Fire, burn my enemies to ash and bone,
By Waters reflection send it back,
By Air, the four winds return the attack,
Earth and fire, water and air,
Transmute all bane from here and there,
By air and water, and fire and earth,
May all negativity be turned to mirth,
By Goddess of moon and God of sun,
So it is,
My will is done.

– Azariel Flame 2021

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