The JARS sigil is a glyph of great power channelled, created, empowered, and made active by Azariel Flame on the night of Samhain, October 31st / Nov 1st between the hours of 11 PM and 3 AM after two long exhaustive years of practice to bring it to life. JARS stands for Justified Attunement Re-integration Sigil. It is able to balance all energies within a practitioner and attune them to the highest energetic power they can currently handle. It also allows attunement to the powers of all spirits above and below, within and without through attunements granted by Arch Angel Michael and Lucifer. AA Michael and Lucifer are a great duality and as such make for the perfect pair to rule and empower the sigil, giving attunement to all spirits and energies under their control and dominion. The basic concept is that it allows for you to become the center of your universe and reintegrate the power of the balanced divine forces into your body. JARS is also a bind sigil, that when looked at for long enough contains elements from sigils of power from many different paradigms and magickal realities and currents.

An attunement is basically a programming of sorts. If you think of yourself as a radio, an attunement would tune you to the proper frequency to be able to listen to whatever station you wanted, however with energetic attunement you tune to an energy you want to work with and invoke into your life. In this case the station could be moon energy, sun energy, perhaps angelic energy or daemonic energy. Attunement is a process that as far as I know is nearly synonymous with Reiki. Mikao Usui channeled sigils and the ability to work with universal life energy for healing and was given a method by spirit to pass the ability to use the universal life energy and sigils for healing purposes to other people. As a Reiki master I have done a LOT of work with attunements in Reiki for the last 18 years, and I have found that it is a fantastic process that readily awakens certain characteristics and energetic frequencies in people. So I thought, why not use this same type of awakening process and make it accessible to people to use themselves, without the gatekeeper so to speak.

Some might say that I have gone around the bend, however it has been my experience over the last several years using many different energies from many different paradigms and systems, that these elements can all be blended seamlessly and simply for various magickal and energetic purposes. This is where I have probably already lost the die hard people that aren’t able to shift paradigms, for that I do not apologize. In order for you to work this sigil you will NEED to have an open mind and be willing to actually do the work and experiment, as well as be open to shifting and even changing your magickal paradigm. Try to think of things as a duality that must be complete to work efficiently, like a battery works with a negative and a positive. We of course need to look at this from a perspective of Yin and Yang, rather than from a perspective of good and evil.

An easy paradigm switch is to think of Angels as the energy of light, and the Daemons as the energy of the dark, together they create a day. Another thought is that of Angels being the superconscious aspects of ourselves, and the Daemons being the subconscious aspects of ourselves and by working both above and below, we are able to bring our middle self into balance and harmony with the universe, so that we can impose our will upon the holographic existence around us. The angels and daemons of the grimoire traditions have many powers that can be used for a great many purposes, take Buer for example, this spirit is excellent at relieving anxiety and stress, so we can see why attuning to this spirits energy to be able to channel it at will can be very useful if we are an anxious person. Perhaps you are a practitioner and have a client who has come in and is having a hard time with motivation and discipline, you could attune to and channel the energy of Arch Angel Kamael into your energy session to help instill a sense of discipline and motivation in your client. The possibilities working with simply the angels and daemons alone are endless.

First off I felt that the easiest way to help people begin to learn to channel energy and manipulate it would be for people to be able to attune to the Reiki current, so I linked the sigil to the sigils from Usui Reiki as well. This will help to grow your energetic perception much faster than without.

Next I wanted the dualities of above and below and within and without. So the sigil is able to attune you to the four cardinal directions as well as the universe and the earth. This allows you to become centered no matter where you are or what direction you are facing.

I also piped in the energy of the full moon on Samhain, which was a super moon that parted the veil very spectacularly. And I charged the sigil with the energy of the sun as well. This means you can connect to the energies of the sun and moon for energetic healing and magickal purposes.

Next I wanted to be able to attune to the energies of all the spirits of above and below, and within and without. So depending on your paradigm, this could be heaven and hell, it could be the great spirit and the void, it could be the upper world and lower world, etc. I specifically invoked the 72 Goetia, the 72 Angels of the Shem HaMephorash, the Arch Angels, the Arch Demons, and the Rulers of Heaven and Hell. I was guided to do this by Arch Angel Michael and Lucifer, and as such a practitioner can attune themselves to the energies of all spirits under the dominion of above and below. Through the power of all these spirits all things are possible, and they can even lead to connections with spirits of other paradigms and belief systems, I encourage exploring this with many experiments and invocations.

The sigil also allows you to become more deeply connected to any deity, by attuning you to their frequency.

The sigil will attune the practitioner to the 5 elements, earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, and all the elementals and watchtowers under their dominion.

The sigil was also tied into the Chaostar and the Ellis sigil networks, through a filtered method that I learned that ensures it is safe and the usual backfire events do not happen.

In all things this sigil will create balance, out of chaos it can create order and in order it can create chaos. You will always be able to channel exactly what you need when using the sigil.

The power of the sigil is designed to grow and expand based on the uses it sees, thus making it a networking sigil of its own. It will grow in power the more it is used, and take on new attributes to balance out its own equation as it is used. Constantly growing, building, shifting, and changing, but always exactly what you NEED and can handle.

Magick and energy work in and of themselves are inherently not safe, but that is where the fun is. You will get exactly what you request from the sigil, it just may come in unexpected ways if you are not careful, like the old genie says, “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.”

I fully understand where you are coming from as I was once very stuck in my ways with magickal practice. However, I am now very happily a chaos magician, and as such I create my paradigms and work magick through experience and experimentation, not just theory. If you don’t want to try it, that is fine. However, experimentation and hands on use is by far the best way to learn if a thing works for you or not. If it does, GREAT! if it doesn’t, adjust and carry on. This sigil can be integrated into any system, so if you feel you need any extras to work with, by all means do so.

“Whoever gazes upon this sigil shall charge it and be granted the powers of heaven and hell”
This is the parameters of the sigil. There is an energy connection that is made between you and the sigil. This is the attunement process, once this has been assimilated you will be opened up to be able to use the sigil in a variety of marvelous and exciting ways. I can’t wait to hear what people come up with as they experiment with it. My own experiments over the last while have been amazing. I put about 2 years of work into this creation, so I am quite happy with the outcome.

I have been working with Arch Angel Michael and Lucifer for about 2 years to create this sigil, and as such I have undergone a NUMBER of master attunements with their guidance, and continue to do so. I will say there certainly are higher levels of working with the sigil, after much work and experimentation. So I will now be passing on the attunements I have been gifted on our www.northwitch.store website. I have found through thorough experimentation that anyone who has been using the sigil, is able to receive much more powerful attunements through me when I send them a chi ball to attune them to a specific magickal power, deity, angel, or daemon. As you begin to work with the sigil you may find that you want some attunements passed on to you to help grow your practice with the sigil. I am happy to pass these energetic upgrades through attunement on to other practitioners, and will continue to do so. Each attunement I pass on comes with a very strong energetic link to the magickal elements I am attuning you to or to the specific angel, daemon, or deity.

Here are the instructions, without further ado.

1.let your gaze focus on it for a moment or two, while focusing on your breathing, make sure to do deep belly breathing filling your lungs up all the way. Allowing your body to fully relax, deep breath in to the count of 4, hold for the count of 4, deep breath out to the count of four, hold for the count of 4, repeat.

2. Once you feel you’re in a bit of a trance like state go to the top of the lettering in the middle enter top where the sun is pointing. Then slowly scan the lettering clockwise around the sigil until done. (I like to visualize each letter lighting up with colored light. Let the colour be what it wants.)

3. Once you’ve scanned it, focus on the sigil while vibrating I AM until you feel an energetic shift.

4. You have now been attuned to the JARS sigil, and can begin working with it.

Try using it in place of other sigils such as pentagrams etc. Use it when communing with spirits. Use it in banishing rituals. Use it in invocations. Use it as a sigil in healing work. Use it for manifestation. Use it for protection. Use it to call forth any energy you wish to work with. The sky is the limit. I would LOVE to hear how you are using the sigil, and what your results are.

I will continue to post things on how I use the sigil and my ideas behind it. Consider getting some follow up attunements and energetic tune ups after you have been working with the current for a bit, I promise, they will improve your magickal practice and your workings.

use the sigil without the theban script in the future once you have done the attunement.

May this help you to Ignite the light within
– Azariel Flame

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