Bringing energy to balance 1

This meditation is based upon a technique I learned from Sacred Flames Reiki. This will involve running through the chakras from base to crown and then back down again. Since the allotted time is 30 mins we will be spending approximately one and a half minutes per chakra up, then one and a half minutes per chakra down for a total of 21 minutes. We will then spend 9 minutes visualizing them in perfect balance of both light and dark energy. For those of you who aren’t versed on the basic chakra system, there are seven main chakras that most scholars and practitioners agree upon. These are the Root chakra at the base of the spine, sacral chakra up about 6 inches, naval chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra.

On the way up we will spend one and a half minutes visualizing the location of the chakra glowing with a ball of pure brilliant white light. Once we have gone all the way up and finished at the crown, we will then begin at the crown and visualize it filled with a ball of pure black energy. We will spend one and a half minutes per chakra sitting with it filled with pure black energy. Once we have reached the root and spent our 21 minutes doing white all the way up and black all the way down, we will then visualize them all at the same time filled with a perfect balance of white/black. For some people this may be like a yin/yang for others they may choose to go to grey. You will feel drawn to one method or the other, go with what feels right for YOU. If it is helpful during meditation you can set your phone to vibrate at each interval of 1 minute 30 seconds (14 intervals total) and then give yourself a 9 minute interval at the end.

Now this actually works out very well numerologically as well, 21 minutes adds up to a power number of 3. 2+1=3. and 9 minutes is also a power number. Depending upon which belief system or paradigm you subscribe to you may see that this can be advantageous to bringing balance and helping to increase your energy levels.

Filling chakras with energy is an age old method and is typically done with either pure white light, or coloured light corresponding to each chakra. When doing a chakra balancing typically practitioners push for vibrant colours and stick to the lighter side of the spectrum, I have come to believe in my practices over the years that this isn’t the best method. I personally haven’t seen many places that suggest using black energy. This will actually be my first time trying this as well, and I will report down below what my results are. I welcome any comments from my followers on their results as well.

My Experience With Black/White Chakra Balancing:

On the way up through the white side I felt like I normally would doing this type of practice, my body began to pulse with energy. I could feel myself get lighter with each successive chakra, and I automatically began to visualize my whole body fill with white light once I reached the crown. This is probably due to my own programming based upon having done Reiki and chakra work for years.

On my way down things began to become interesting. Beginning at the crown, once I visualized it as pure black, my head began to swirl or swim almost like I was dizzy, this only got stronger as I worked my way down to the root chakra. With each successive chakra it was like my body would pulse and then the dizziness would set in again, like being on a ride at the carnival. When I got to the bottom I automatically visualized my whole body filling with darkness and felt oddly at peace with the energy.

Once I visualized all the chakras going into balance in both black and white they began to take form in my minds eye as black on one side, and white on the other. Then the energy began to spin and swirl around and mixing like a model of the earth covered in clouds. Once the perfect mix in my minds eye was achieved, my left side went black and my right side went white. This could be a cultural or worldview phenomena, with my internal programming for left hand path (black or dark magick) and right hand path (lightwork or white magick). Once this visualization came into full effect the energy from the left began to swirl clockwise and the energy on the right began to swirl counter clockwise. The two energies of black and white spun together like a lemniscate or infinity symbol, and they too then began to mix together.

Never during this visualization did I get visions of grey, it was always just a beautiful mixture of black and white, dancing together like two lovers who hadn’t seen each other for years. I felt at peace, the energy in my body was pulsating with pure ecstatic force, and the temperature in the room dropped several degrees. I felt completely balanced, at peace, and strangely content. I allowed this feeling of contentment set in for a few moments, then sat down at my computer to write this article.

This was a wonderful experiment and one I will continue to practice.

Until next time.

-Azariel Flame

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