Bringing energy to balance 4

Day four of the meditation series, and already I am beginning to find myself impatiently waiting for the next day. I hope everyone has enjoyed following these meditations as much as I have enjoyed creating them and practicing them. For the first meditation we worked through the chakra system and brought light and dark energies to a perfect balance, the second day we worked with white energy and chaotic strong elements, and the third day we worked with black energy and calm, serene elements. In theory, this should be keeping us in balance, even if we are going from one extreme to the other.

Todays practice is going to be something a little bit different, we are going to work through the chakra system with the element of air and visualize our chakras as clear spheres, similar to an ice ball or glass ball. This time we will also alter the timing, as we have been spending 21 minutes on the chakras and 9 minutes on the full visualization, today we will be spending 14 minutes on the chakras and 16 minutes on the visualization. This means you can set your phone to 7, 2 minute intervals, and then a final 16 minute interval. I usually just set my phone to vibrate once at each interval so that I have a physical cue to move on, and to keep me on track.

The theory behind todays visualization is that by visualizing the chakras as containing nothing and being clear will cleanse our system and by becoming nothing, we will become everything. This is based on a quote from the matrix “Do not try to bend the spoon, that’s impossible, instead only try to realize the truth, that there is no spoon.” By realizing that we are nothing, we should become everything at once.

The practice:
Lay on your back and get comfortable, make sure you have set your timer if you need it, at this point, I personally am getting more and more content with just going with the flow of the visualization.  Start at the base chakra, visualize it as a clear sphere, containing nothing, make it like a ball of glass or ice, or however this visualization of emptiness works the best in your brain, hold this visualization for two minutes. Once you have reached the two minute mark, hold the visualization of your root chakra and visualize the sacral chakra the same way. Continue doing this chakra by chakra until you reach your crown, holding each of the previous visualizations. This means that when you are at the crown, you should be visualizing all seven chakra balls as clear balls of energy.

Once you have done this, I want you to hold the visualization and add the following. Visualize wind coming out of the seven chakras at once like a hurricane, typhoon, or tornado, whatever helps you to achieve the best visualization of wind exiting the chakras, spinning around your whole body, then going back into the chakras. The wind should be spinning all around your entire aura, in and out of your chakras by the time your reach your pinnacle of the visualization. Hold this visualization and feeling until your time is up, allow the wind to change however it does in your minds eye and note how you feel. When the allotted time is up, allow the wind to die down, and let your entire visualization fade into nothingness. Take as much time as you need to come back to normal before opening your eyes and going about your day.

My experience with this meditation:

I did this meditation before bed, as I have been finding that is when I am getting the best results. As I visualized the balls as clear energy, I felt a sense of connection to my energy system that was quite new, and almost startling. I found I could feel my energy buzzing through my entire body, and it was very apparent where it was going. It felt akin to small jolts of electricity flowing through my veins. It was a very intriguing and new feeling for me. With the wind visualization I felt cold, and felt as though there was a breeze on me the entire time. By the end I felt a strong connection to my personal power, and felt amazingly well charged, and full of vibrant energy. This was a very fun experiment since it is basically visualizing your energy centres as full of nothingness.

Until next time

-Azariel Flame

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