Bringing energy to balance 3

The meditation for day 3 is designed to bring your energies into balance from the previous days meditation. On the 2nd day we worked through the chakra system top to bottom using white energy, then filled ourselves with lightning and fire. This was a very cleansing and active meditation. Today we will be doing work with black energy, water, and earth, the very opposites of yesterdays meditative practice.

Again this is a 30 minute meditation and will run as follows:
starting from the root chakra and working your way up one by one to the crown chakra you will visualize the chakra as a pure black ball of energy, spending one minute and thirty seconds per chakra. When you get to the crown you will then spend an extra minute and thirty seconds then begin working your way down one by one to the root. You will hold the visualization of a black ball of energy on each chakra, then move to the next once the allotted time has passed. To help make this easier you can set your phone to vibrate at intervals of a minute and thirty seconds fourteen times.

You will then spend 9 minutes doing the following visualization:
You are in a dark underground cavern, before you, just over a ledge there is a still pool of black water. There are three torches on the walls of the cavern to your right, revealing a set of stone stairs that lead into the pool. Walk over to these stairs and step down into the pool. Once you are into the pool turn yourself over onto your back and float there in the water, allowing it to envelop you. You become heavier and heavier as the black water consumes your body. You begin to sink into the water but you can still breathe. Remain calm, there is nothing to fear, you are becoming one with the water. It envelops your whole body, washing away anything that no longer allows you to live in balance and harmony. You can see nothing but the black water as you sink deeper and deeper, and the water cleanses all imbalances in your body, and soul. Eventually you hit the soft, black earth at the base of the pool. The mud begins to suck you in and envelope your entire body, remain calm and brave. Allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper into the muddy earth, and allow it to remove and clear any imbalances in your system. As you relax the mud begins to get thinner and thinner, you feel your body spin so that you are facing down now, you begin to release from the mud, and you begin to float up, you are floating up higher and higher, the weight of the water is becoming less and less as you rise, soon you are once again floating at the top of the pool. Swim over to the stairs and walk your way out of the pool. Allow the vision to fade and take as much time as you need to come back to reality.

My Experience with this meditation:
This meditation was extremely calming for me, bringing perfect balance to my energy field from the chaotic charged energy I had used in the previous days meditation. As the water covered my body I felt completely at peace, and could feel a warmth go through my entire body. Even though the water seemed to be heavy, I myself began to feel lighter and serene. Once I hit the mud, I felt even warmer, almost like I was in the warm embrace of a loved one. I felt love, peace, and happiness during this entire meditation. This left me feeling very grounded and seemed to really balance out the very vibrant active energy I had put into my field the day before. The heavy calming effect lasted quite a while and left me feeling like I could use a good nap, this exercise would be advisable to do before bed unless you were to do the exercise from day 2 and this exercise back to back in one day. This was a very pleasant and wonderful experience. I will be sure to try this exercise again.

– Azariel Flame

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