Bringing energy to balance 2

This days meditation was based upon the light and dark energy balancing meditation. 30 minutes working through the chakra system. This time Instead of doing white balls of energy from the root to the crown and black balls of energy on the way down, then visualizing them both in balance afterwards, I did white all the way through.

One and a half minutes was spent per chakra on the way up, visualizing each chakra from the root up to the crown as a ball of pure white light, and one and a half minutes was spent on each chakra on the way down, visualized as a ball of pure white light. Once this was completed I spent 9 minutes visualizing all the chakras pulsating with white energy all at the same time, and allowed my body, and aura to become completely enveloped in the white energy. Once I had seen my aura completely fill up, I visualized it begin to take the form of white storm clouds full of white lightning and white fire. I held the visualization of the white storm aura for the remainder of my time.

The first part of the meditation was a pretty standard experience, I felt light, happy and full of energy. This brought my mood up and helped raise my energy levels slightly, but nothing over powering. I do a lot of white light visual mediations so this was to be expected. Where it got interesting for me was when I began to add the lightning and fire to the visualization, this brought a very noticeable boost to the energy in the room and I could feel my energy running at a much higher level then normal. This feeling of power, and increase in energy stayed with me for the greater portion of the day after I did the meditation. As the lightning would strike and flash throughout my being, from the inside out, I could feel a tingling sensation, and when it would chain I could feel it clearing any negative thoughts and feelings I had at the time. The fire came to me as a visualization of a bright white inferno, that burned relentlessly from the outside in, as it burned I could feel a cold breeze on my body and a slight humming feeling. This is something I will continue to practice and try as I noticed it made a very positive change to my mood, and my energy was much easier to control for the day.

To do this meditation, it is set up as follows:

You will spend one and a half minutes on each chakra from the root to the crown, visualizing them as balls of pure white energy. Once you reach the top and get to the crown chakra you will then spend another minute and a half on the crown and work your way down, one chakra at a time until you reach the root chakra. If it helps you can set your phone to vibrate at each minute and a half interval, for a total of fourteen intervals.
Once you have completed this visualization you will spend nine minutes on the final visualization set. Begin by seeing all seven chakras at once pulsating with pure white light. Once you have achieved this full visualization fill your entire body and aura with the same white energy, while holding the visualization of the seven chakras. This is where it gets a little tricky, you will then visualize white lightning working its way from each of the seven chakras at the same time all the way out to your aura, and then begin to visualize it chain through your entire aura, body, and chakra system. Think of this like an electrical storm exploding from each of your chakras at once, and converging through your entire being.
After you have achieved the full lightning meditation, you will then begin to visualize a fiery inferno beginning to burn around your aura, and slowly working its way inward towards your chakras, once it gets there hold the visualization of the fire and lightning dancing together through your entire being until your time runs out. Let the images fade after your timer goes off, and take as much time as needed to come back to reality.

I hope you enjoy this technique, it was a fun experiment.

-Azariel Flame

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