A Daemonolators Circle

This article is written for intermediate to advanced practitioners. It is assumed that before practicing this work, you have a working knowledge of the Goetia, and the Daemonic forces. There are several books written that cover the basics of ritual magick and working with Daemons. If you have never worked with either high magick, demonolatry, Goetia, or Solomons keys, please do some research and practice BEFORE working with my rituals. By using these rituals you agree to not hold myself or Ignite the light liable for anything that may occur as a result.

Upon looking at the circle, you will notice that there are several differences from a regular summoning circle. Typically when working with the keys of Solomon the triangle of art is located outside of the circle, this keeps the magickian protected from the Daemon that is being called forth into the black mirror. During a ritual the magickian typically would stand within the circle while evoking the Daemon into the mirror in the triangle of art. Among ceremonial magicians this is the standard way to contact Demons. Among Demonolators this is considered to be very faux pas, as they build relationships with the Demons built upon trust. Many Demonolators don’t even use a circle to contact the Daemonic. When a Demonolator works with Demons they tend to practice Invocation rather than Evocation. To Evoke is to call a spirit against its will, into a controlled space. To Invoke is to bring the spirit into oneself for communication. This circle uses a triangle simply for focus, not to trap the Daemonic spirit you will be working with. The sole purpose of the triangle is to help raise energy and power to help bring forth a successful invocation of the spirit, and to help raise the success rate of physical manifestation in the smoke, or black mirror being used. This circle is also excellent for making pacts, and building a closer relationship with Daemons.

The circle is drawn as an Ouroboros serpent. The Ouroboros symbolizes infinity, and the endless cycle of life and death. By using the Ouroboros we are creating a circle of balance, a circle of creation, and destruction. This being said, when using this circle you will NOT be doing a banishing, you are accepting these energies into your life, to come and go as they please. Draw the Ouroboros circle on the floor while thinking about your intention, and which Daemon you wish to connect with. The triangle is to be placed in the direction pertaining to the Daemon you wish to work with. The elemental directions are as follows: North (Earth), East (Air), South (Fire), West (Water). If your Daemon is a water Daemon for example, the triangle would be in the west, savvy? The triangle is to be worked with as a part of the circle, the triangle and the circle are one, this means that you will be in the circle WITH the Daemon. You will NOT be separated, during this ritual. 

To help you with figuring out what Daemons correspond to which directions I have attached a quick cheat sheet below. This is by no means a be all end all list of Daemons, its simply filled with those that I have personally worked with. I have come up with the correspondences of most of these myself, but also cross referenced with S. Connolly’s book Daemonolotry Goetia, as well as https://demonsanddemonolatry.com, I have also referenced the Lesser Key of Solomon, and Poke Runyon’s book of Solomons magick for the Ranks.

Earth (North):
Balam (King)
Beelzebuth (King)
Beleth (King)
Purson (King)
Zagan (King)
Agares (Duke)
Astaroth (Duke)
Bathin (Duke)
Bune (Duke)
Sallos (Duke)
Valfor (Duke)
Zepar (Duke)
Cimejes (Marquis)
Sitri (Prince)
Foras (President)
Haagenti (President)
Marax (President)
Volac (President)
Bifrons (Earl)

Air (East):
Lucifer (Emperor)
Azazel (Emperor/King)
Lilith (Empress)
Asmoday (King)
Amducious (Duke)
Vapula (Duke)
Andrealphus (Marquis)
Decarabia (Marquis)
Oriax (Marquis)
Ronove (Marquis)
Shax (Marquis)
Stolas (Prince)
Caim (President)
Gaap (President)
Malphas (President)
Marbas (President)
Ose (President)
Halphas (Earl)
Raum (Earl)
Furcus (Knight)

Fire (South):
Bael (King)
Belial (King)
Barbatos (Duke)
Aim (Duke)
Alloces (Duke)
Berith (Duke)
Haures (Duke)
Murmur (Duke)
Andras (Marquis)
Leraje (Marquis)
Marchosias (Marquis)
Naberius (Marquis)
Phenex (Marquis)
Sabnock (Marquis)
Seere (Prince)
Amy (President)
Buer (president)
Glasya-Labolas (President)
Andromalius (Earl)
Furfur (Earl)

Water (West):
Leviathan (Emperor)
Paimon (King)
Vine (King)
Crocell (Duke)
Dantalion (Duke)
Eligos (Duke)
Focalor (Duke)
Gremory (Duke)
Gusion (Duke)
Uvall (Duke)
Vepar (Duke)
Amon (Marquis)
Forneus (Marquis)
Gamigin (Marquis)
Ipos (Prince)
Orobas (Prince)
Vassago (Prince)
Botis (President)

I have included the ranks of the Daemons to help the reader get a feel for the Daemonic heirarchy. This however is almost irrelevant with the circle we are about to use. Instead try to use the elemental association, rather than the rank.

The triangle contains a circle, in this circle draw the sigil of the demon you wish to contact. Outside the circle use a Demon that outranks the demon you wish to call upon, if invoking an Emperor, use another emperors name. If you have worked with the Goetia you will recognize that this is normally the spot where a magickian would put Arch Angel Michael. Along the edges of the circle you may use whatever demons call to you, you may choose to use three demons that have different elemental correspondences than the Demon you are summoning, or you may get a calling to mix it up, this is entirely done by feel. (As stated before this is for advanced practitioners, if attempting to use this circle, you should already be familiar with how to communicate with the Daemons to know who wants to play.) For the quarters, pick demons that correspond to the elemental directions, again go with what you feel is right, the ranks don’t matter.

In the triangle you will place your black mirror. In the space where you see the triple moon, you will place incense, and an offering dish, as well as whatever other ritual tools you feel you require. Where the three pentacles are in the circle you will place candles. The incense is to be burned in front of the black mirror, the candles will help bring the manifestation of the spirit into the black mirror. This is similar to what Poke Runyon describes in his book of Solomons magick, with a few tweaks.

This is a very powerful circle, be warned that the energy you manifest will be STRONG. Make sure you give an offering to EVERY daemon you work with during this ritual. I personally like to give a few drops of blood to each, a drink, some food, or whatever else the Daemon seems to like. At the very least a candle to correspond to every demon you have used. This includes the quarter guards, the triangle guards, and the specific Daemon being invoked.

Once the circle is drawn you may create sacred space however you choose. Call in the Quarter guards ending in the quarter that has the triangle. So if you are summoning from the East, you would begin calling the quarters in the South, then work clockwise so that you finish in the East. Once you have called in the quarter Daemons to protect and guide your circle, call in the triangle Daemons, then call in the circle guardian. Call these all in your own way, with whatever way of casting a circle is the most meaningful and powerful to YOU. There is no right or wrong here, get the Daemons to come in whatever manner you know best. Once you have all of your guardians called to the circle, light the incense and the candles.

Raise power in your own way and begin the ritual:

“I invoke you (insert name). I ask that you join me here, I open my circle to you, that we may communicate. I ask that you speak to me with clarity, in my native tongue, that I may understand all the wisdom and lessons you have to impart. When you show yourself I bid you take any form you see fit. Please come forth (Daemon). I seek you in my name, the name that is all, he/she who is like god. The one of many, the many that are one. Come forth! Come forth! Come NOW!”

It is important to note that not all practitioners will see a physical manifestation in the mirror. You may only feel the presence of the Daemon. Regardless of what happens, complete the ritual as if it were successful, because it will be. Once you have summoned the Daemon you can perform any magick, communicate, or do whatever you like. This is a good time to make requests, do a working, etc. Give offering once your work is finished.

“Thank you (Daemon) for (whatever you are thankful for). I bid you peace and give my gratitude. There is nothing binding in my circle of all. Depart at your leisure great spirit. Until next time, Hail and farewell.”

Next release the circle guardian, and triangle guardians. Give thanks and bid them to leave at their leisure.

Then go to each quarter beginning counter clockwise from where your triangle is, and work counter clockwise. So again if your triangle is in the East you will begin releasing the circle in the North, and work your way around to the East. Give thanks and gratitude to each Daemon, bidding them to leave at their leisure.

Leave all the candles you use to burn down on their own, do NOT put them out. The Daemons will put them out as they depart themselves.

When done release the energy in your own way, and ground and center.

I hope this work finds you all well. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

– Azariel Flame

EDIT TO ADD MORE INFO: This circle can be used to work with ANY pantheon and ANY set of spirits, you simply need to know their correspondences. I do not exclusively work with the Daemonic and the circle can be applied to any other set of spirits.

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