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A Goetic Pentagram Ritual

I keep getting asked what I do for a basic and quick banishing / invoking ritual, and if I use the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram (LBRP), or the lesser invoking ritual of the pentagram (LIRP). The short answer is yes, but I have modified it for my own use and praxis. I also… Continue Reading →

Experimenting with Bune

BUNE (boo-n) He changes the place of the dead and marshals the demons that are under his power to gather together upon those sepulchres. Bune makes men eloquent and wise, and gives true answers to their demands and also richness. He speaks with a comely high voice. This indicates that Bune is a wonderful spirit… Continue Reading →

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S2 E1 – Mastering Magick with Mat Auryn North Witch Podcast

We had Mat Auryn on the show to talk about his new book Mastering Magick which is a follow up to his worldwide bestselling book Psychic Witch. This was such a fantastic conversation. Enjoy!As always thanks for following, liking, sharing and otherwise supporting our channel and shop! Get the podcast on your favourite streaming service here: Shop here: On Facebook: On Instagram: On Discord: On Patreon: Our blog:
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