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Dressing, loading, and reading vigil candles

Doing workings with Novena candles, also called vigil candles is something that is very commonplace in witchcraft. A novena is a set of spells, prayers, incantations, etc that is done over the period of 5 to 9 days while the vigil candle burns down. We have found that the amount of time a candle takes… Continue Reading →

Pater Noster Rebellionis

This is the Pater Noster Rebellionis (Our Father of Rebellion). Which is obviously a blasphemous spin on the Pater Noster or Our Father prayer. This is done in Latin to connect to a magical language. Pater noster qui es in infernoRebellio nomen tuumImperium meum venietFiat voluntas meain terra, in caelo et in infernoMaleficia nostra quotidianum… Continue Reading →

Daily rite of Jupiterian Blessing

This is a sample from our wonderful Sorcerers Sermon, Jupiters Beneficence. What follows is some simple energy work to connect to Jupiter and bring his influence into your sphere. Best performed daily in the Hour of Jupiter. Failing that, any time of the day. Vowel Sounds used: Y (EAW, like as is in EW gross!), IAO (EE-AH-OH)… Continue Reading →

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Episode 18 – PGM Tarot w/ Jason Augustus Newcomb North Witch Podcast

We had Jason Augustus Newcomb on the show and discussed his amazing new deck, the PGM Tarot. A deck of 100 cards based on the Greek Magical Papyri, available now! Check Jason out at: Order the PGM tarot and other PGM inspired pieces at:… As always thanks for following, liking, sharing and otherwise supporting our channel and shop! Get the podcast on your favourite streaming service here: Shop here: https://www.northwitch.storeOn Facebook: On Instagram: On Patreon: Our blog:
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